This Fuel Stop has been operated since the mid 1940s. The work was accomplished under an Agreed Order between the Owner and DOE. The design of the rebuild was such as to allow the continuing operation the facility.

The old facility consisted of dispensers, piping and 170,000 gallon tank farm all of which did not comply with current regulations. The new facility consists of 200,000 gallon above ground tank farm, six truck fueling points under one canopy, eight auto and RV fueling points under another canopy and a new 40’ x 60’ steel building for the storefront and offices. The product lines are all welded steel located in concrete utility trenches.

The trenches also include an explosion proof electrical system for both high and low voltage controls for lighting dispensers and card readers. The bottom of the trenches were poured with slope to provide storm water drainage to a 20,000 gallon oily water separator. An emergency valve was placed between the separator and the lift station to isolate the system in the event of a catastrophic failure resulting in a spill. The lift station installed included pumps and approximately 1,200 feet of piping through the highway easement to the city storm water system.

The design allowed all product tanks and piping to be above ground and fully visible for inspection for leaks and other problems that might arise.